Monday, December 17

drive time bali

raw choc mint slice at Little K, Ubud

I've been away, sorry. Technically challenged, wandering free, moving between the slow lane of island life and the welcoming arms of home, via Sumba and the backroads of Bali. All will be revealed when I can secure a reliable internet connection and the posts once again roll off the keyboard. 

A few days in Bali is the usual end to our Indo season, and behind the wheel of a gutless Karimun, we drove the mountain route from Ubud east, via the royal baths of Tirtagangga, to the coast at Amed.  I had chosen a hotel well placed on Trip Advisor and booked us into the "penthouse room" for one night. Tucked beneath the lace edged mosquito net with an ocean view, the itching started. Is something biting you too...?  Hundreds of nights in cheap hovels with questionable blankets and stained sheets, then we upgrade and get attacked by bed bugs. Very hungry little fellas. The staff were horrified and begged for forgiveness. We scratched, smiled and offered fumigation advice. 

I love change, crave new experiences, and live more than is necessary in the future world of possibilities. Yet a strange conundrum exits where I get like a muddle headed wombat in certain transitions. It's a speed thing, like cranking the gear stick from first to fourth; travelling from desert track to freeway without an on-ramp. Where did all of these people come from, why are they in such a hurry, and and why are they all shopping?

We are back in our little Aussie Love Shack - the first time in three years - and the days are a glorious stream of pottering, fuelled by stone fruit, espresso and chai in floral tea cups.  Long summer hours of gardening, maintenance, renovation and decoration. I hope everyone is enjoying a relaxed and joyous lead up to Christmas. Peace is at every step. 
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