Saturday, January 19

the Sumba site

The barefoot architect and his personal assistant/photographer were in Sumba to get an overview of a development site.  Just north of Sumba's western bump, the land features sections of white sand beach, cliffs, coves and a stunning salt water swimming pool. Linked to the ocean via a hole in the cliff, the pool level rises and falls with the tide, yet is safe from unsavoury ocean conditions. 

There is one European living part-time in the region as the co-ordinator of the Mandorak Foundation, a not-for-profit project providing social and humanitarian aid to local Kodi tribes people. His remote private location is about to be surrounded by a resort and residential development. His house is reached via a rough track through scrub, from a slightly more substantial dirt road, miles from anywhere. One day he'll be able to drive a golf buggy to the 18th hole for a cocktail. 
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