Wednesday, February 6

sunrise chai

Our summer mornings are early and quiet, with our usual ritual being a 20 minute meditation, half hour potter in the garden then a big teapot of chai on the verandah. Even with hot days, our classic Mediterranean climate treats us to a few cool mornings with an easterly breeze straight off the desert. When the rest of the year is a bikini on rising, I love a short stint in a jumper and a double handed tea cup hug. 


  1. ...and I love your tea-cups. It looks nice and chilly at your end of the world in the mornings and here I was imagining you had everlasting summer and hot all hours of the day! X

  2. Most people wouldn't bother with a jumper but being the eternal sun lovers we tend to get a little nippy when the temperature drops below 28 :) No sign of snow.


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