Thursday, April 4

noosa waves

Noosa is a classic longboarder paradise; where gentle, long sand bottom point waves wrap around the National Park headland, and you can ride all the way into Mainbeach for a coffee and eggs benedict.    The walk to T-Tree offers world class coastal views, and you share the path with the healthy and active sector of retirees, holiday makers and locals, all quick with a hello and smile.  Noosa makes you feel good about the world. 

Our visit coincided with the the Festival of Surfing, a convivial event for watermen, women and their dogs. The professional style masters put on a show performing to traditional longboard criteria on old-style single fins, stand-up paddleboarders got a look in, and the expression sessions demonstrated the skill of riding a finless Alaia. Despite all the entertainment, Tom was more interested in looking upwards to spot his first koala. 

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